Chuck Easton and Jenny Davis perform on the Port Townsend KPTZ Phil Andrus “Cats in our laps” radio show Apr 3, 2022

Chuck and Jenny play a variety of tunes and relate their experiences becoming known in the NW jazz scene.

Chuck Easton and Ted Enderle on KPTZ June 15, 2018.

Ted is playing the stand up base while Chuck has a brand new Taylor 200 series guitar.

Chuck Easton and George Radebaugh, KPTZ FM, on Dec. 8, 2017, playing guitar and chromatic harmonica.

George and I appeared on Phil Andrus’ weekly radio show, Tossed Salad (1-5 p.m. on Fridays). I played guitar and George made his radio debut on chromatic harmonica. Guitar and harmonica have a great blend. I have been working on the chromatic myself, but it will be some time before I take it out into the world. George has been practicing it for awhile- time to make him sweat.

Tap below to listen to a recording of us talking with Phil Andrus about the joys and challenges of playing the chromatic harmonica. We played jazz tunes and some Christmas songs, too. Thanks to my friend, Stephen Breathour, for making the recording.